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Algorithms & Data Structures - Interview Preparation

Well its another time around when you need to switch jobs...

I know none of your excellent work experience is going to help 

you clear those over engineered interview questions...

Below are the links to articles which I have found best to understand for beginners and quick revision for  experts.

Note:  None of the articles below are written by me. I found these while googling...

  1. Heap Data Structure & Priority Queue
  2. Heap Operations
  3. Standar Trie, Compressed Trie, Suffix Tree Concepts and Runtimes
  4. Trie Concepts and count matching prefixes and words
  5. Growth of time complexity explained in Big O
  6. Understanding B Tree and B+ Tree - 1
  7. Understanding B Tree and B+ Tree - 2
  8. When to use B and B+ Tree
  9. Power of B+ Tree in DB
  10. AVL Tree Animation
  11. AVL Tree 
  12. Difference AVL & RB Tree
  13. Splay Tree

Video Tutorials

  1. IIT Video Tutorials  - My Favorite - Best of Best
  2. MIT Video Lectures
  3. XOAX - All sorting & searching algorithms & Big O Concepts
  4. Red Black Tree Demo
  5. Splay Tree Demo
  6. AVL Tree Demo

Java Implementations of various Algorithms

  1. Suffix Tree
  2. BST
  3. Binary Heap
  4. Trie -1
  5. Trie -2
  6. Trie -3
  7. Inorder Traversal
  8. Preorder Traversal
  9. Postorder Traversal
  10. B Tree
  11. AVL Trees
  12. N-Way Inmemory merge sort
  13. Selection Sort

Practice Java Programs
  1. Reverse Singly Linked List
  2. Reverse Doubly Linked List
  3. BST to Sorted Doubly Linked List
  4. Sorted List to Balanced BST
  5. Sudoku Checker-1
  6. Sudoku Checker-2

Best Books for practice programs
  1. Cracking code Interview - Gayle
  2. Programming Interview Exposed

Other Useful References
  1. Number Systems
  2. General Maths